Sterling Insurance.

We develop and maintain direct to market web and mobile apps for Sterling Insurance. Our applications are built for scale and handle the purchasing of insurance products both directly in app, as well as from all of the well known comparison sites.

Facilitating in-app product purchasing, in addition to all of the well known comparison sites.

Specialist services, for an insurance specialist.

Sterling Insurance offer specialised policies to accommodate the specific needs and circumstances of their customers.

Our relationship began through affiliation with our client Adrian Flux. Similarly, we maintain their online presence through development of various web application and provide the tech behind their lead generation.

The featured product of our work together is a web application which facilitates the quotation and procurement of breakdown insurance policies via third-party comparison websites, as well as organic visitors.

Our resources for Sterling are heavily focused around a web platform which facilitates the procurement of breakdown policies.

The platform integrates with third-party services to allow visitors from any of the well-known comparison sites to select Sterling Rescue from the comparison results and enter the Sterling Rescue application at the point of payment.

We use advanced monitoring services to identify and resolve potential errors caused by changes in the third-party services before they are able to impact visitor conversions.

The application facilitates payments using the payment processing service Opayo (formerly Sage Pay).

Conversion Tracking.

It is imperative to Sterling’s status on the aggregator panels that they maintain a high level of conversion for users who click through from the comparison sites.

The Rescue web-application contains features which allow us to identify distinct visitors and calculate conversion rates accordingly. We are able to identify and exclude test cases, duplicates and bots to provide Sterling with accurate figures.

Sterling Short Term.

We facilitated the creation of the mobile web application Sterling Short Term, which is available on the Google Play and iOS app stores.

The application uses calculated risk features to identify user behaviour or quote details which constitute a considerable level of risk, at which point the application connects the users to Sterling’s specialist insurance teams.

"Hut Forty Two’s work to ensure that our website and systems are ready to cope with our growth is invaluable."

Gerry Bucke

Underwriting, Sales & Marketing General Manager, Adrian Flux

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Applications maintained
Generated leads per month

We apply the latest, most respected technology and network services to ensure Sterling Insurance’s online ecosystem remains safe and secure. We routinely upgrade applications in line with the infrastructure we architect.

Through regular communication with managers and key stakeholders, we understand their unique business objectives and marketing goals and coordinate our development in-line with their priorities.

Data Services & Infrastructure

Django, Heroku, AWS S3, AWS SES

Application Development

Angular, Open Source Tools, DevOps


WordPress, Hubspot, HotJar, Mailchimp & Social Automation

Design & Prototyping

Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects

Project Management

Asana, Harvest, GSuite


Unit Tests, TestRail, BrowserStack

We use the best tools for the job, period. Working with different stacks, environments & applications to deliver the most cost-effective & appropriate solutions for the target audience.
All done from our home in Norfolk by our awesome team.

We're proud of what we do.

Our work with Adrian Flux involves the creation, management and growth of their online eco-system. We work to ensure that their online infrastructure matches their growth requirements.

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