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The modern software tool for nonprofits and funding partners.

Designed especially with nonprofits in mind.

Tracking stakeholders and communication internally and externally is fundamental to running a not-for-profit. However most CRM software systems are designed to measure sales and revenue and then market themselves for nonprofits, when really it’s a square peg in a round hole.

We wanted to create a system that helps nonprofits to measure their impact and engagement in their communities. Our application provides organisations with CRM style tools to manage their workforce, co-ordinate their networks and plan their projects.

Critically, Katala provides insight into time and cost expenditure, analyses the impact our users are having on their communities and how well their funding is being used. Katala provides an advanced reporting suite to provide real-time feedback to funding providers.

We take pride in all of our work, but Katala is more than a little bit special for us. The idea of Katala came about through numerous discussions with Active Suffolk, one of our partners. They needed a tool to help coordinate the support they provide throughout Suffolk, to help them stay on top of things and share information throughout the team.

We looked into the world of CRM systems for nonprofits, and were disappointed with what we found. CRM systems for nonprofits existed, but were lacking a real understanding of what nonprofits need in order to do their jobs. Crucially, we identified that none of the system in existence were able to help a nonprofit understand how much impact their work was having, or how effectively they were using funding they have been provided with.

Priority driven

Although many CRM software products are marketed toward nonprofit organisations, in reality they’re usually just re-labelled versions of commercially driven products. Katala helps nonprofits to understand their ROI in the form of impact they’re recording against their strategic aims.

So, what?

When your funding is accountable, it is important to embed mechanisms into your daily operations which allow you to gather information over time and report back to your stakeholders. Katala intelligently associates interactions with strategic priorities and themes.

"The team at were helpful from the word go, and still help us to make sure that the information we’re putting into the system is meaningful and helping us to understand how well we’re doing towards achieving our aims."

Tony Bush

Head of Operations, Active Suffolk

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We worked with multiple nonprofits to really understand what was required, and set about designing, building and polishing Katala. 

We’re now actively helping nonprofits understand their impact and to become more efficient, and we’re not even close to being finished.

We’re adding new features to Katala all of the time and continuing our conversations with nonprofits to understand what they need so we can deliver the best service possible.

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We use the best tools for the job, period. Working with different stacks, environments & applications to deliver the most cost-effective & appropriate solutions for the target audience.
All done from our home in Norfolk by our awesome team.

We're proud of what we do.

We partnered with Unique Norfolk Venues to created the operation system the wedding sector has been crying out for.

Working with NCLS, Island Advice and the Children Society to help those in need to become problem free using the power of software.