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We’ve been working alongside advice networks since 2018 to create a white label referral system which can deliver operational success for advice agencies who are looking to simplify their referral process.
White label referral software designed specifically for advice agencies, helping those in need to become problem free.

We had been working with advice agencies for years before Viitata was conceived. We were already responsible for a custom build that served as Norfolk’s most extensive referral system.

Although it was intended as a primary product developed on a small budget, we rebranded the build for different advice agencies nationwide over the years. As our user base grew, we gathered more feedback and feature requests; sadly, the investment was unavailable from the non-profit organisations.

Through affiliation with our Norfolk partner, we were introduced


We set out to build a modern referral system with additional tools for automated eligibility checking to reduce the number of declined referrals.

We knew from our relationship with existing partners that data security had to be at the forefront of the product. We allowed the administering organisations to configure custom data management settings within the application.

Ultimately, our goal was to design and develop an intuitive and affordable modern application for the non-profit sector.

Launch Control

Initial QA testing was conducted in-house, completing manual testing for functionality and responsiveness on the most commonly used browsers and operating systems.

We launched a beta program for our existing partners to try the software for three months before we replaced their legacy systems, allowing their support staff to become familiar with the new application to support their local subscribers.

Success Indicators

We are due to release the product in the autumn of this year.

The initial success will be to provide our existing partners with better data insight and data management and fewer resources required for user tuition.

The long-term goal is to provide an affordable product for the sector and eventually become the UK’s go-to product for referral systems.