WP Engine Migration

Adrian Flux

Automated Testing Cloudflare WP Engine

We launched an effort to build over fifty websites in six months, increasing the security and performance of the client’s inventory by bringing the WordPress, Plugins and PHP versions up to the latest standard.
This project has allowed us to adopt automated maintenance tools, saving the client hundred of hours of maintenance and allowing us to concentrate our resources on priority projects.


Over the years, the Adrian Flux Group has accumulated over fifty brochure and blog websites to support its online marketing strategies and lead generation, some of which date back to 2008.

WordPress is the preferred platform for the client’s marketing agency which creates and manages the content of the websites as mentioned earlier; our role is to manage the hosting and maintenance of the websites.

The issue we aimed to resolve in this project was that the maintenance hours to keep the websites up to date steadily increased, impacting our resources for carrying out other priority projects for the client.

This was due to the inventory of themes and plugins becoming so varied due to the number of websites being so vast, as you might expect, with so many developments by various companies over many years.

We had proposed to the client to reinvest the maintenance hours over a concentrated period to rebuild the websites using a single theme and a consistent and manageable set of plugins and adopt a hosting platform designed specifically for WordPress; with automated maintenance tools.

Launch Control

We managed the developments on individual agile boards, working in sprints to ensure the builds were moving efficiently between stages of the development and testing lifecycles.

We were able to pivot our QA practices to an outsourced model. We identified agencies we could work with by investing in procuring several companies to test the same single-page website, allowing us to compare processes, quality of reporting and rates. From here, we were able to select three agencies to collaborate with to ensure our capacity for QA test cycles could grow and shrink as required.

Success Indicators

All the websites we manage for the client are on the latest PHP, WordPress, Plugins and Themes versions.

We have saved the client hundreds of hours of maintenance by adopting automated maintenance and testing tools, allowing us to re-invest our time in new projects.

We have removed over 150 plugins from the inventory we are required to maintain.

The client receives automated monthly reports detailing exactly what updates have occurred and when.