Callback Services

Adrian Flux

Django JavaScript Python

We provide the Adrian Flux Group with embeddable tools to capture and schedule callback requests, along with services to manage their department capacity.
We successfully schedule over 40,000 callbacks for the client per month, and over 2 million since 2018.


We needed to develop a set of embeddable widgets to capture and schedule callback requests for the client’s call centre. We decided to develop a vanilla version of each widget, with default styling that could be customised using CSS to match the design of each required website.

The client required two functions; these were “instant” and scheduled. The instant version only required a telephone number input and would schedule the call for the next available slot; the instant version also needed to change the state when the call centre was closed and direct customers to the online quote forms using conditional text and button elements. The scheduled version would allow the client to pick a preferred callback time from the available slots.

We created a service to configure the time slots for each brand and department; the settings allowed the capacity for each department (e.g. ten calls per minute). The service also allowed us to direct the customers to the specific online quote forms for the different brands and departments when the widgets are in the closed state.

We needed another service to capture the callback request and schedule the callback, using the “preferred time” and department capacity.

Success Indicators

We successfully schedule over 40,000 monthly callbacks for the client and over 2 million since 2018.

We are developing an analytics-style dashboard to provide the client with greater insight into the source and patterns of the callback requests across the different brands.