Automatic vs Manual Vehicle Lookup Process
Which flavour is best?
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It's an easy mistake to assume there is one solution to suit all users.

In the modern world, it is often assumed that everyone is looking for time-saving solutions, especially when completing something as laborious as an insurance quote form. In fact, for a majority of cases, this would be correct. It is exactly why the forms we build contain strategically designed shortcuts, such as registration lookup services.

Never assume.
You only have to talk to our clients at Bikesure to know this is not the case, especially for the breed commonly known as 'bikers'.

Being experts in customer behaviour, and having spent years working alongside motorcycle clubs, they were able to identify that the way motorcyclists buy their vehicles and insurance differs invariably to their car and commercial vehicle customers.

Powered by knowledge.
Using their expertise, our contacts at Bikesure were able to identify that a motorcyclist would much prefer to use a manual vehicle lookup process over a registration lookup service.

Working with our customers to identify problems with traditional processes, and the delivery of insight to their users' behavioural patterns, is invaluable to help us deliver solutions which can deliver real results.

“It’s important not to disregard a problem simply because you do not agree that the user's methods are best”

In pole position.
Armed with this knowledge, we were perfectly placed to determine the improvements which could improve the conversion process for customers successfully completing the quote form.

One of these improvements was the implementation of a "fuzzy match" to show users all CC's within a specified range of the value they entered; as it was determined that the users often would not know the exact cylinder capacity of their vehicle.

Lots of small adjustments such as these amounted to a huge improvement in easily overlooked journeys through the form.

Riding into the sunset.
After applying these improvements to the manual lookup process on the motorcycle quote process, the improvements were clear to see almost immediately.

So, automatic or manual lookup process - which is best?
The answer... neither!

If you have a customer base with a certain preference, it's important to cater to their needs. The key is to analyse how your customers are using your platform and ensure they are getting the best possible experience, whether you believe their behaviour to be right or wrong.

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