Referral System.

Collaborating with the Norfolk Community Advice Network, Island Advice and The Children’s Society to deliver the leading community referral software chosen by advice agencies in Norfolk.

Referral software, helping others to become problem free.

Our philosophy.

At Hut Forty Two, corporate social responsibility is something we hold dear and we’re always looking for opportunities to use our technical skills to contribute on ethically orientated projects.
The Norfolk Community Advice Network (NCAN) is an organisation set up to improve access to free, high-quality social welfare advice, information, advocacy and representation services for those living in Norfolk.
We were approached by NCAN when they had identified that their pre-existing referral system was no longer fit for purpose. Their old system was a bespoke build and, only a few years in, it was quickly becoming too costly to maintain and too restrictive to introduce new features. Sadly, it’s a pattern we see all too frequently and is the driving force behind our mission to build scalable and affordable SaaS products.

We partnered with NCAN to create our referral system, using their industry knowledge and our technical expertise. Together we identified where existing case management systems fall short – and how we need to do things differently to create a solution that meets the needs of the sector.

Following the adoption of the referral system at NCAN, we were approached by the Island Advice Centre and The Children’s Society. It was recommended to them by NCAN, after trialling the most popular platforms and finding they weren’t flexible enough to cater to their operations.

We discussed our partnership with NCAN and our mission to challenge the status quo by providing flexible software solutions without the prohibitive cost of custom development. We worked together to adapt the existing application to suit their operational requirements and within weeks the custom installation was launched.

Customer lead.

We know that nobody knows the operational needs of a nonprofit organisation better than our customers.
If a customer has a new feature suggestion, which we feel will be of benefit to the global subscribers of our platform, we add the idea to our roadmap. We allow existing subscribers to vote for new features which are most important to them, which enables us to prioritise feature development according to the needs of the users.

All inclusive.

Many software products offer reduced features to make their platform more accessible. Or worse, asking to declare turnover so they can charge accordingly.
We don’t believe these approaches are fair, and so our products are ‘all features included’ at a simple, transparent price.
The only additional costs we charge are for custom add-on developments to cater to an organisations unique operations.

"Hut Forty Two take their Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, and have maintained an approach that is flexible, generous and offers realistic solutions. They clearly understand the voluntary sector and why access to advice is so important."

Emily Balsdon

Director, Norfolk Community Advice Network

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To date, our referral system has helped thousands of people gain access to the advice they need in order to help them live a problem free life, but we’re not done yet.

We continually work alongside our subscribers – reviewing functionality, the user experience, and system requirements as the world around us evolves and changes.

If you want to break away from restrictive bespoke software, and partner with us to influence the future of system then get in touch.

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We use the best tools for the job, period. Working with different stacks, environments & applications to deliver the most cost-effective & appropriate solutions for the target audience.
All done from our home in Norfolk by our awesome team.

We're proud of what we do.

We partnered with Active Partnerships to create Katala. Strategy-driven CRM software design and developed for nonprofit organisations and funding partners, helping you make every penny count.

We developed an application to support Surviving Economic Abuse with their #SEAsteps campaign. Members of the public can donate, and sign up to log their steps from daily activity.