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Customer Relationship Management or CRM.

Mantle is an operational intelligence system created for non-profit organisations to track, share, and measure the impact of their activity...

Mantle is a product we developed directly with Active Suffolk and Active Essex, with the view of solving some of the efficiency and reporting problems they have been facing for many years.

It’s all about recording and sharing what’s happening within the organisation; providing the ability to add context, data enrichment tags; the mechanism for reporting on the impact the organisation is having toward their stakeholders and funding partners’ priorities, as well as for internal efficiency purposes.

The struggle was real.
The Active Partnerships had been trying to find a solution for a number of years, and were still yet to come across a platform which benefits them. There are many CRMs which could help them log conversations, but as they are mostly geared towards sales, none of them could help them identify areas of impact - or demonstrate how a correlation of events help them meet wider strategic aims.

These frustrations had led to a cultural acceptance that there was no real solution for them and that working from incohesive, unstandardised and inconsistently managed spreadsheets was just the way it had to be. This method may be low in productivity, but at least it's cheap - right?

Hut Forty Two was the answer.
We met with Active Suffolk after they had already received some quotes which were 4 or 5 times larger than their budget. They explained that although there was a large network of Active Partnerships, their finances are managed independently and the idea of a bespoke system for the Active Partnerships had become a "pipe dream" which nobody would believe would materialise; meaning they could never get enough partnerships to back the investment.

Active Suffolk provided us with a reduced version of their specification. Upon review it was clear to us that they would encounter the same problems they faced trialling the ill-fitting CRMs and would quickly end up back at square one. We spoke with them at length about the original specification, as well as the similarities and differences between Active Partnerships.

We identified that what they really needed was a highly extensible core product to suit the requirements of all the Active Partnerships, which they would subscribe to, rather than all Active Partnerships each funding their own highly limited bespoke application. With a subscription model, each partnership could have their own customised instance, with scope for add-on functionality depending on requirements.

"It can be hard for non-profits to improve their internal communication and progress tracking as most traditional CRM software doesn’t understand or cater for their goals."

Mantle is different.
Mantle is an outcome and priority driven CRM system for non-profit organisations. Input your targets, project goals, the priorities of your stakeholders, and score the level of impact your activity is having against those priorities.

It is the hub of interactions with your stakeholders, sharing progress within your team as you work towards your objectives.

Mantle provides non-profit organisations with the necessary tools to record the impact specific business activity has on their network and share insight with collaborators outside of their organisation. It is a platform for them to log the important conversations they’re having with their network, plan key events and share their meetings globally to bring the team together.

The collection of activity and outcome logging enables the workforce to observe real-time project progress as well as monitor their priorities and objectives. This enables them to make better decisions, based on complete and actual information. Mantle gives the Active Partnerships the tools to demonstrate how their operations are impacting their stakeholders priorities and objectives.

Gain valuable insight.
Mantle will help you to visualise the impact your activity has on specific priorities within your network, strengthening your operational relationships.

Monitor partner activity and identify which of your relationships are delivering the best results. Improve project management, with valuable insights into your business operations leading to a better understanding of the best route to achieve your goals.

Envisage how a sequence of activity can lead to specific outcomes and act upon this valuable information to improve your operations.

Mantle provides an analytical insight into your business operations and network relationships. Visualise the impact your activity has on your network and their priorities. It features a customisable and highly personalised tagging framework to model and link data that is important to you.

This personalisation extends to a dashboard tailored to each team member, providing an instant view of all activity relevant to them and features which allow you to access information about your network quickly and efficiently. We’ll even let you pick your own theme to make it personal to your organisation.

Streamline your business operations and connect your workforce by giving them the tools and intelligence to make better decisions based on complete and actual information.

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