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Our client Adrian Flux is a leading UK specialist motor insurance broker, covering a variety of customers owning classic and vintage cars, to modified vehicles and sports cars. We work with Adrian Flux on the development of new products and evolution of their IT infrastructure, saving them time and money, and opening new routes to market.

Knowledge is key.
By communicating with managers and key stakeholders, we understand their unique business objectives and marketing goals before coordinating the development of new and existing systems. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of their IT infrastructure we are able to develop systems which fit into and enhance their existing ecosystem.

Always, always have a plan.
Our team consider a variety of factors prior to planning and executing software developments. We identify time-wasting bottlenecks and manual processes while taking into account customer expectations and opportunities for growth.

In an age where everything is being handled online, there is a demand for a more tailored and personal approach. Adrian Flux offers specialist insurance cover through an understanding of their customers and providing tailored quotations. This level of service can only be achieved by talking to customers on the phone, so it is essential that our systems offer the efficiency of an online solution whilst maintaining the USP which is so critical to their operations.

“Hut Forty Two’s work to ensure that our website and systems are ready to cope with our growth is invaluable.” - Gerry Bucke, Underwriting, Sales & Marketing General Manager

The assignment.
Our solutions are heavily focused around an automated callback system through which the majority of customers are processed. With thousands of customers interfacing with the Flux system - whether it is through SMS, Facebook, Google Ads or conventional website traffic - it is essential that the system can adapt to changing requirements and is scaled to cope with the demands of a growing customer base.

Conversely, some lines of business are more suited to an instant, online environment, so we’ve constructed systems to mirror customers’ expectation. Whether a customer requires an instant policy because they’ve broken down at the side of the road, or they need to get insured on a family members’ vehicle - we provide apps, mobile websites and instant cover platforms allowing customers to source and pay for their cover in a way which suits them best. By moving these aspects online and eliminating the need for direct interaction for selected policies, Adrian Flux is able to make better use of existing resources and focus on other lines of business.

Our development cycle involves the delivery of prototypes and regular testing reports, alongside regular contact with key stakeholders at Adrian Flux. We keep the Flux team constantly informed and by working alongside key members, we can swiftly react to their changing needs and adjust our development strategy accordingly.

In safe hands.
Adrian Flux know that with Hut Forty Two as their technology partner they’re in safe hands when it comes to compliance and protection against cyber-attacks. With a growing number of customers and the development of robust, scalable systems, they are constantly seeing the benefits of a structured software evolution plan which is also in line with its business objectives.

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