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Unique Norfolk Venues plan and arrange luxury weddings at fantastic locations throughout East Anglia. The company is looking to grow their operations and add to their wedding planning team but found that their paper-based management system limited their service delivery.

It's not you, it's me.
Unique Norfolk Venues tried various ‘off-the-shelf’ software packages to improve their processes but found that these systems did not compliment their own administration routines. The changes required to use an off the shelf system would have resulted in ceasing to operate in the way which has contributed to their success and also resulted in adopting a more rigid and less bespoke approach.

Finding the one.
We worked with all the team at Unique Norfolk Venues to understand their systems and priorities before devising a software solution which would retain their operating procedures, improve their efficiency and scale as they desired.

"Before, it felt the out-of-the-box systems were always telling me how to run my business. Now our CRM fits perfectly" - Jaymi Maxwell-Tingey

Marriage made in heaven.
We built a bespoke event management system which provides planners, third-party suppliers and the soon to be newly-weds with the ability to log in and manage certain aspects of the event.

The features of the system are designed to mirror the ‘real world’ aspects of the couple’s big day which would involve changes during the wedding planning stage.

The inbuilt messaging system allows any member of staff to view the entire history of customer interactions irrespective of whether they’ve previously worked on the event. This was vital to Unique Norfolk Venues as even a simple request could have a big impact on the wedding day if it went unnoticed.

Happily ever after.
The wedding planners were used to the painstaking task of manually creating table and room plans and then going backward and forwards with the customer to make sure it was correct. Thanks to our online table plan functionality, the customer can build up their guest list and plan their event without needing to interact with the planner. What’s more - is that it automatically links to the menu and updates the chef of each guest’s menu choice.

Other features such as automated invoicing and online payment processing also help to alleviate the strain on administrative staff and highlight how we’ve supported Unique Norfolk Venues to streamline their operation from lead generation to the big day.

Throughout the development cycle, we kept UNV informed by the delivery of prototypes, testing reports, and scheduled meetings. We worked alongside the team to understand the ongoing changes in their operations and ensured that we were able to react to this and build their bespoke system to be ready to scale with their operation.

By eliminating time wasting and expensive administrative processes, Norfolk Unique Venues can now focus on providing the best service for wedding couples and further enhance their portfolio.

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