We are not looking for clock watchers, know-it-alls or a solo artist. We want people who love what they do and want to make waves with us.

We approach finding the right team with the same dedication and attention to detail as our work.

It’s about the right fit as much as experience and talent. Our aim is to curate the perfect balanced team - so our scouts are always on the lookout for the next raw talent.

Work For Us

Join our team and help us to create bigger better products. We are relentless in our efforts to create the right team and working environment. This is a fantastic opportunity to join a company at a significant stage in its development; where your skills and input can genuinely influence our continued success and future growth.

What's in the package... as standard.


We value you and understand to get the best - you have to compete... As you probably have experienced, there is no clear line between junior, mid-level and senior level developers in our profession. We understand that the industry has evolved so quickly, and changed so dramatically in such a short time, you cannot simply quantify an employee’s worth simply by the number of years under their belt.

We get to know you, we learn what you can bring to our team and then offer a considered salary package to suit each individual. We make time for a one-on-one with each of our employees at least 4 times per year, and review all staff salaries annually on top of these - which is good to know.


You won’t find us on a dull, grey industrial estate. We know it’s important to have places to escape to on your lunch break, and an option of transport links - which is why we’re placed in the heart of the town.

We’re proud to call Norfolk our home. With 90 miles of award winning coastline, acre upon acre of National Park and ancient woodlands - fit for a Royal. Topped with the medieval, yet café cultured city of Norwich.

We get that working on location doesn’t always fit around busy lives... Where possible we allow our employees to work from home to help deal with the curve balls life can throw at you. Having said that, we do have an excellent office environment to offer. Because as hipster as it may appear, a coffee shop is not a comfortable place of work.


Above all, we’d like you to share our passion for helping businesses work better. We’re after people with all levels of experience, and we have an open mind in terms of matching your skills and interests to the roles that we have.

If you’re a front-end developer, experience working with at least one SPA JS framework (Angular, Vue, React) would be ideal. Proficiency in Angular 2 or AngularJS and an understanding of the Ionic framework would be a real bonus; as would knowledge of jQuery or TypeScript.

For back-end developers, proficiency in Python 3 would be great. An understanding of the Django framework would be ideal; as would experience in working with Heroku.

We’re committed to making resources available to help our team learn new skills and progress their careers, and we want you to benefit from that.


A great team environment is at the very core of our values at Hut Forty Two. To us, finding individuals which are a good fit for the camaraderie is as equally, if not more, important than a candidate’s skill set.

We work hard to maintain the morale and affinity our team share for one another. We simply could not bare a member of staff dreading going to work, or feeling isolated from the others. A togetherness is essential for the way we collaborate on project work.

Pooling our knowledge and ideas together helps us to achieve more effective approaches and solutions towards the problems at hand.


We know that people require rest to stay on top of their game - and all work and no play isn’t good for the mind, body or soul. As standard, we offer our employees 30 days paid annual leave, weekends and bank holidays to themselves (of course); with an extended break in the festive period to boot.

Everybody needs time to relax and recharge their batteries. However much we strive to ensure our team enjoy their jobs, it’s crucial for us to make sure they can get away from time to time and have a change of scenery. It’s so important to us that our staff have a good work-life balance, it’s key to avoid work-related stress and burnout. And for all of us, spending time away from work with the people we love is very important for good mental health.

Join the team.

If you want to be a part of our growing team and help us produce the best work then please get in touch with Sean - our very own talent scout.

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